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The Process of Repairing Your Roof After A Hail Storm

A hail storm might not seem like a big problem if it has seemingly not caused any damage, but it could slowly damage a roof over time. Granules from the storm may fill the gutter and cause damage thereafter, maybe due to change in temperature, whereby expansion and contraction could change the structure of the roof and cause further damage. Damaged shingles in colder weather may also cause tiny holes whereby water seeps through the roof causing leakages in the building. As such, you should consider finding a qualified roofing contractor in Baltimore County MD to help if this becomes a problem.

What to Look For in a Roofing Contractor in Baltimore County MD

A good roofing contractor should be professional and transparent in their dealings. They should communicate effectively on the roofing procedures and the requirements needed.

At Home Crafters, we ensure that we determine our clients’ needs and communicate to them what the procedure will entail. As roofing experts, we give you a detailed cost estimate of the repairs. Our roofing experts will help you with all your queries on roofing and we will also guide you on the process of repairing or replacing your roof.

Roof Damage

How do you know that a roof has been damaged after a hail storm? You may notice:

  • Leaks due to water damage
  • Holes in the roofing material due to deteriorating roofing materials
  • Splitting and missing wood shingles
  • Fracturing which shows the fiber glass beneath the roof
  • Seal that has weakened
  • Misplaced or lost shingle granules which accelerate the roof’s aging

Roof Inspection

What is the importance of roof inspections? A roof inspection should be performed regularly. This to determine if there is any damage and to ensure that you document the damage for insurance claims purposes, as some insurers will claim the roof was already damaged before the storm.

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