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What Factors Into A Commercial Roof Quote?

When it comes to getting a commercial roof quote from roofers in Baltimore, Maryland, many factors come into play, with some such as size being the most obvious. Although others like location factors, the deck’s condition, the type of insurance the company has, etc., are not so obvious, they matter too. Therefore, here is what roofers will factor in when quoting your commercial roof job.

Location Factors

There are multiple location factors that commercial roofers in Baltimore, Maryland consider, like R-Value and wind uplift requirements. Depending on the environment in your location the requirements may be different. 

R-Value Requirements

A commercial roof job will need a different R-Value than a residential one. There are different requirements depending on where your building or home resides and the section of it that you’re insulating. For instance, a 3.5 R-Value might apply for ducts installed in an unconditioned space or an unvented attic with roof insulation.

The greater the number of R-Value requirements, the more insulation your commercial roof will need. And more insulation required for the roof job means additional cost.

Wind Uplift Requirements

Wind uplift requirements vary from location to location. For example, it is most likely for areas prone to high wind weather to have strict roofing systems requirements.

Additionally, your commercial roof quote might include additional costs to bring your roof back to code if there are code requirements.

Other Roof Factors

Roof accessibility and the deck’s condition and makeup are among other factors that matter for commercial roof quotes.

How Can Commercial Roofers Access Your Roof?

If roofers need a crane to load roofing materials onto your commercial roof, it will add to the cost. The building might also be of a particular height, where the roofing crew will need to stay tied off throughout the roofing job, increasing labor costs and lengthening the job completion time.

The Roof Deck’s Make-Up

Adhering your commercial roof to a concrete deck can be more expensive than mechanical attachment to a wood or metal deck.

The Roof Deck’s Condition

If there is any rot or rust on your deck, a structural engineer may recommend replacing it to ensure it handles new materials’ weight, thereby adding cost.

Commercial Roofers Insurance

The type of insurance that the company has can include additional requirements that might increase the cost.

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