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Roof Maintenance during the Summer

Your roof is the first defense your home has against the sun, rain, snow, and all other elements, thus it is vital to take care of it. Your roof endures a lot during summer: the storms, humidity, and heat will harm your roof, causing you problems when the cold season sets in. Therefore, it is essential to inspect and perform maintenance on your roof during summer to get a sense of whether or not anything needs to be changed or repaired before the cold season starts. A professional roofing contractor in Baltimore County MD has the following four summer roof maintenance tips for homeowners to consider:

Inspect the Attic

The first step to taking care of your roof is checking the attic. The roof absorbs a lot of heat from the sun’s rays during the day and radiates into the air in your attic. An attic that is poorly ventilated and with heat buildup can shorten your roof’s lifespan. Moreover, extreme heat can cause premature weakening of your roof, have your shingles curl and crack, resulting in leaking roofs. Make sure to inspect the attic by checking for watermarks along with the ceiling, any discoloration of rafters, and stuffy smell as they are pointers to leaking roofs, molds, and rotting wood. Thus, inspecting your attic for such problems will help you know where to repair and perform excellent maintenance.

Repair and Replace Loose and Missing Shingles

In summer, roofing materials expand and contract with changes in temperature and weather conditions. The expansion and contraction displace and loosens the shingle, especially for very old roofs. Hence, ensure to repair and replace any missing or loose shingles early before the wet season to stop water or rain from getting inside your home through the roof.

Check for Leaks

Check for leaks on your roof by assessing the attic. Leaks usually manifest in form of moisture and mold. Sometimes you may miss a leakage in your roof, that is why it is important to hire the services of professionals like a roofing contractor Baltimore County MD to look for water stains present and check the insulation to determine if moisture or mold is also present.

Clean Off Debris

Keeping your roof clean is part of summer roof maintenance. Clear the leaves, branches, and other unwanted dirt off your roof to avoid the accumulation of debris. If debris accumulates on your roof, it can make the shingles rot, thus allowing water to leak into your house. In extreme cases, the weight of this debris can destroy the primary roof structure.

Getting Started with a Roofing Contractor Baltimore County MD

The more frequently you carry out roof maintenance and repairs, the longer it will last. Summer is usually a tough season for roofs. Therefore, feel free to contact a roofing contractor Baltimore County MD to learn more about summer roof maintenance as well as hiring our professional roofing contractors to take care of all your needs.

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