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Preventing Rooftop Ice and Water Damage

Many homeowners pay the price of damage to your roof as a result of snow and ice, but there are ways that you can prevent your roof from having these issues, whether it’s supporting gutters or applying chemical coatings and more. The following are five steps that roofing companies in Baltimore County use to prevent rooftop ice and water damage.

Avoid Winter Damage to Your Roof

1) Restore Existing Gutter System

If the gutter system of your home has leaks or gaps in its joints, this would allow melted snow and rainwater to flow through it without draining off the edge of your roof. You should call a professional for further inspection of your existing gutter system before winter comes.

2) Carefully Investigate Your Roof for Ice Dams

Before winter comes, you should carefully investigate the potential for ice dams by walking around on the ground to try and view the edge of your roof where it meets your gutters. You should also know that there are many different types of ice dam problems to be aware of.. If you see any cracks in your roof surface or missing shingles, these are signs that there might already be an existing ice dam issue. You should then consult a professional roofer who could advice you on how to prevent rooftop ice and water damage.

3) Gutter System Maintenance is Crucial

Gutters are necessary when it comes to preventing rooftop ice and water damage , but effective gutter maintenance is crucial when it comes to preventing ice dams. To prevent ice dams from becoming a problem, you should have your gutters cleaned in the fall and spring to allow them to efficiently drain. When you do this in the fall, make sure any remaining leaves are removed before they have a chance to decay over winter. If there is already an existing problem with your gutter system, call a professional for further inspection and repair of the issue.

4) Add Roof Rake Extensions

Roof rake extensions can be installed on shingled roofs without removing or damaging any part of the roofing material . They are typically made out of aluminum because it does not rust. Since these roof rake extensions extend beyond your roofline at an angle of 35 degrees, it prevents snow that slides off your roof from re-freezing in the gutters or around the edges of your roof. You also do not have to worry about roof rake extensions blocking necessary ventilation on your roof, as they are designed to allow adequate airflow between them.

5) Use Snow Guards

Snow guards are small, semi-rigid supports that are usually placed on the eaves of a building below an overhanging eave. Usually made out of aluminum or plastic , they prevent snow from accumulating too much around the edge of your roof. They will protect both the uppermost edge and sides of any lower level roofs against damage due to ice dams or excessive weight.

Professional Roofing Companies in Baltimore County

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