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Damaged ceiling roof replacement

Not Replacing Your Roof Can Lead to Disaster

The roof of your house plays a crucial role in protecting you and your valuables from the elements. It also enhances the aesthetics of your home and increases its value, if it’s newer and fully functional. If your roof is old or needs replacement, though, it’s best to call your chosen roofer in Baltimore County MD now. Delays in replacing your roof may see you pay more in the long run and can mean a risk of bodily harm. Here are some major issues you might experience for delaying your roof replacement.

Don’t Put Off Your Roof Replacement

Ongoing Roof Repairs

Having an old roof can be very stressful as you have to frequently call in technicians for repairs on curled or broken shingles. That may provide a short-term solution to your problem, but it’s going to be costly to cater to repair costs continuously. The best option to avoid regular roof repairs is getting a full roof replacement.

Rotting Wood

Cracked and curled shingles on old roofs allow moisture from rain or thawing snow to pass through. The leaking water will eventually soak into the wooden frame and plywood that help hold the roof, and the wood begins to rot. If you don’t perform a total overhaul of the roof, it may eventually cave in and hurt anyone inside.

Damaged Insulation in the Attic

The insulation in your attic regulates your house’s temperature during hot or cold days. Moisture leaks on old or worn-out roofs can cause mold growth in the wood that holds the insulation. The mold can grow into the insulation and force you to replace the attic insulation. Replacing your roof in time prevents mold growth into your insulation and the resulting costs of insulation replacement.

Destroyed Interior Walls and Ceilings

Water leaks from the roof travel down to your ceilings and walls. It then forms bubbles in the ceiling and causes stains and mold spots before eventually sagging and falling off. The water can also damage the drywall and leave streak marks on the walls. Slowly, the leaks from your roof take away the aesthetic appeal of your whole house.

Electrical Issues

As water or moisture trickles down the ceiling and walls, it can damage the electrical connections and lighting fixtures. That could bring about a safety hazard since damaged electrical connections can result in fires or electrocution. It’s best to take care of the roofing problem now to deter an electrical disaster later.

Get the Help of a Seasoned Roofer in Baltimore County MD

Your safety as a homeowner begins when you stay vigilant and attend to any roofing problems promptly. If your roof is due for a replacement and you need a roofer in Baltimore County MD, be sure to contact Home Crafters. We’ll send a roofer your way shortly.

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