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How the Summer Storm Affects Your Roof

The long days of severe sun and violent storms can cause devastating effects to your roof during summer. Roofing experts from any roofing company Baltimore County MD will advise you to conduct roof inspection as you transition from winter to summer or vice versa.

How do You Prepare for Summer Roof Damage?

Every U.S. citizen is highly likely to experience the summer storms in some instances. Whether it is a summer squall, a tornado, a hail storm, or a hurricane, a summer storm can cause damage to your roof.

Roof Storm Damage Checklist

Check out for the following potential signs of roof storm damage:

  • Leaks and water spot on the ceiling or attic
  • Stains or moisture in the house
  • Cracked shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Damaged shingles
  • Loss of granules

Most Common Types of Roof Storm Damage


The storm winds are the primary cause of roof damage. Hurricane-force winds often cause visible damages you should watch out for once summer ends. The most common signs of wind damages you can check without climbing on top of the roof include torn or completely removed shingles, which you might see up above, or notice lying on the ground.


Hail can damage the roof’s asphalt shingles. Besides, these balls of ice can also break other roofing materials as they fall. In some other cases, if the hail is  too big, it can leave holes, dents, and splintered roofs. Such damage can cause significant leaks and mold in and around your roof.

Standing Water

Standing rainstorm water is a challenge to a roof with poor drainage. Similarly, you will also experience problems if your roof surface is uneven or clogged gutters. Standing water causes challenges such as damaged shingles and roof deck due to backed water.


Severe storms can lead to the accumulation of such small branches on your roof. In addition, the wind can cause structural damage and roof dents or punctures from fall tree branches.

Hire Experts from a Roofing Company Baltimore County MD

If you are a homeowner, it remains essential to know how to identify roof damage. Besides, this knowledge will help you understand the types of roof repairs you can expect after a storm.

If you need roof repair and inspection from a pro roofing company Baltimore County MD, Contact Home Crafters for estimates and more information on roof replacement.

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