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Emergency Roof Repair 101

While roofs are built to last for decades, some extreme conditions such as hail, high wind, or heavy rains can lead to premature and significant damage that, in most cases, has to be addressed immediately. For instance, if there has been a big late-summer storm that has caused damage to your roof, you must have a plan of action. It should start with you calling a professional roofer and contractor who knows everything about an emergency roof repair.

What to Do When You Need an Emergency Roof Repair

If a weather event or something else damages your roof, repairs should only be made once the weather allows doing them safely. A damaged roof may directly affect the stability of the entire house, making an emergency roof repair a necessity. However, as you wait for your roofing contractor to come and help out with the repairs, there are some things homeowners can do to avoid further damage:

Safety First

Never go outside and most definitely not up the roof when there is still danger. If there was a storm, ensure it has ended entirely, and there aren’t other dangers such as downed power lines before you go outside. Once bad weather is out of the way, you can move out to assess the damage. Note that you should still not go up onto the roof, and should merely observe from the ground.

Locate any Water Damage

Your roofer might not always make it to your location on time. When that is the case, look for a way to stop the water from seeping in and further damaging the internal structure. If any water damage has found its way inside, note the location and severity.

Emergency Roof Repair Pros Near You

Most roofers provide emergency roofing repair services, but you should ensure that those you work with are licensed and insured. Contact Home Crafters today and get your roofing needs addressed by the pros.

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