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The Importance of Your Gutters

Gutters can often be a forgotten aspect of roofing. However, as insignificant as they seem, they are essential in maintaining the integrity of your home. Gutters do more than contain rainwater, snow, or hail. Roofing companies in Harford County can attest to the destructive nature of the elements in the wet summer and long winter periods.

Gutters Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

Gutters direct water away from the roof, preventing stagnancy. When the rainwater is stagnant on the roof, it exacerbates rot, mold growth, and grime buildup. That water weakens your shingles, soffit, and fascia, reducing the roof’s usefulness.

As water collects on the roof, it degrades the roof’s constituents. For instance, rainwater exposes shingles made with asphalt granules and coatings, causing them to wear off. Gutters keep rainwater moving, preventing it from damaging the roof.

Draining Water Away from Your Home’s Foundation and Basement

Gutter systems safely channel the elements away from your home’s foundation and basement. Undirected rainwater floods the house base, destabilizing the foundation through erosion. The water also trickles from the foundation into the basement, triggering mold and mildew growth.

Gutters Maintain the Integrity of Your Yard

Without a gutter system, the surface runoff from the roof creates water channels in your lawn. As the water moves, it also erodes the soil’s nutrients. Stagnant rainwater from the roof in your yard triggers plant root rot. It is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Gutters Curb Staining

Rainwater is destructive. With time, dripping from the roof creates staining from mold and mildew growth and rotting. Without gutters, rainwater passes through the window, damaging your window sill. Windows also trap moisture on the walls – this causes mold growth.

Gutters Add to Your Home’s Aesthetics

Gutters can also add to the exterior attractiveness of your home. You can customize the gutter system to complement your home’s design. The gutter’s curvature and color contribute to your home’s beauty. Furthermore, the curb appeal the gutter system creates adds value to your home.

Why Hire Roofing Companies in Harford County

The best of the roofing businesses understand the weather and climate in the region better. They know the materials and features that work well in Maryland. Home Crafters is among the best  roofing companies in Harford County. We are experts in gutter system installation and maintenance. Contact us today or reach us online for more on our roofing services.

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